The Ginger Apple

Sedna Vodka                                     1oz

Sedna Apple Liqueur                      1oz

Ginger Ale                                           3oz

Serve over ice.  Garnish with grated ginger and a thin wedge of apple.


Sedna Sweet Martini

Sedna Vodka                                               2oz

Sweet Vermouth                                       2oz

Shake with ice, strain and pour in a martini glass.  Garnish with three maraschino cherries.           


Sedna Dry Martini

Sedna Vodka                                               2oz

Dry Vermouth                                             2oz

Shake with ice, strain and pour in a martini glass. Garnish with three large green olives on a stick. 


A Newfoundland Kiss

Sedna Black Currant Liqueur       1oz        

Chilled Champagne

Simply combine the black currant liqueur into a flute of dry champagne and enjoy!


Blow Me Down

Sedna Vodka                                     2oz

Rodrigues Raspberry Wine          3oz

Shake with ice, strain and enjoy!

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